Working with a value-based business

At HSM, we never lose sight of our core values. And our core values are all about how we do business with you. They are part of our 60 year old legacy. We know our reputation is our most precious asset.
This is why we maintain an uncompromising focus on customer service. Clients seek out and stay with HSM because our people believe in and deliver courteours personalized service every day.
“Our mission is to provide a high level of customer service and compassion, by establishing and nourishing community throughout all aspects of our practice.”

Mr. Arthur Watson and Mrs. Flemming


When Mrs. Flemming along with Mr. Arthur Watson became business partners in the 1950’s, her mission was to provide opportunities for her community to own property. Through her commitment, Mrs. Flemming helped many families from various ethnic backgrounds and incomes to become first time homeowners.
Mrs. Flemming soon realized what an enormous difference she could make in her blue-collar community by loaning families the capital to purchase or place a down payment on their first home.

Introduction to the Dearman Family

Mother: Ina Dearman is HSM’s company founder daughter, and Tracy and Kelly Dearman’s mother. She served on a host of San Francisco organization boards including the Landmarks Preservation Advisory Board. She was accepted at the University of California Berkeley at the age of 16 and when on to receive a master’s degree in social work.
Father: The Hon. John Dearman served as judge for the Superior court of San Francisco County. He was appointed to the Municipal Court of San Francisco by Former governor Jerry Brown on March 28,1977. He was then elevated to the superior court in February 1979. Before that he met Assembly Speaker and Future Mayor Willie Brown. Together, they formed Brown Dearman and Smith in 1965. He practiced there for the next twelve year handling the representation of protesters during the civil right movement. He retired from the bench in 2009, he had been the longest-serving judge in the history of San Francisco
In 2022 John and Ina Dearman celebrated 63 years of marriage.

Kelly Dearman

As Executive Director of the Department of Disability and Aging Services, Kelly coordinates services to veterans, older adults, adults with disabilities, and their families to maximize health, safety, and independence so that they can remain active in their community for as long as possible and maintain the highest quality of life.
Kelly has more than 15 years of experience developing policies and services to help ensure San Franciscans thrive as they age. Before joining DAS, Kelly was Executive Director of the San Francisco In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Public Authority, which helps older adults and people with disabilities live independently and participate in their communities. She is also the former President of the San Francisco Human Services Commission. Kelly currently serves as the President of the California Association of Public Authorities, a member on the San Francisco Long Term Care Coordinating Council, and co-chair of the San Francisco Aging and Disability Task Force.
Kelly has a BA from the University of California, Berkeley, a JD from UC Hastings Law, and an MA in Political Science from Rutgers University. For ten years, she ran a small law practice specializing in elder issues and probate law. Previously, Kelly and her sister operated a real estate company founded by their grandmother more than 50 years ago.